Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for a high quality ceiling fan at affordable prices, consider the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan for your home. Harbor Breeze is one of the most reputed names in the industry and can be found primarily at your local Lowes hardware store. You can also find a selection of Harbor Breeze fans at online stores, which is known for its selection of DIY home improvement products. These fans come in ready to install kits. We have wide selection of manuals to help you find ceiling fan parts and answer any trouble shooting questions that you might have. If you are need to reach Harbor Breeze customer support call Shop Harbor Breeze 44-in Cedar Hill Ceiling Fan

Simple Installation Process- How to Install?

The installation process for the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is very simple. Carefully follow the instructions and install it yourself. It is so easy that one can do it without any prior knowledge. It can be done in no time, if done in an organized manner. In order to get a better and clear understanding of the process, go through the layout of the fan. The kit includes a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan manual instruction, which proves to be handy during the process.

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Steps to install (Advisable Steps):

  • The first step must always be precautionary. Don’t forget to switch off the power supply, so that you can prevent yourself from getting hurt while working with wires.
  • Check all the wires with tester to make sure that the power supply stays off.
  • Lock the panel box to prevent the accidents.
  • Keep the ceiling fan mounted above the ground to make it work properly. Make sure to properly keep the fan mounted and screwed tightly to the ceiling.
  • If you want to replace your old fan, then instead of replacing the whole fan, you can just replace its old electrical box with a new one.
  • Securely fix the mounting bracket of the electrical box. Now, put the wires in the hole of the electrical box and install.


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Follow Proper Wiring Instructions

Connecting electrical wires can be tricky. In case, if you are finding hard to properly connect the wires, you may take help of professionals. All the electrical wires are color-coded, all you need to do is identify them and set according to combinations. Black ones are used for fans, while whites and blues are used for light kits. You have to connect the wires in the fan to their corresponding ones in the electrical box.

Last step followed in installing your fan is connecting fan blades to the mounting bracket. The washers and screws are provided with the fan blades in the box. You don’t have to put much effort. Simply attach them to appropriate places and tightly place the screws. Some Harbor Breeze ceiling fan comes with a beautiful and the embellished light kit. In order to make the light kit work, you just have to fix bulbs.

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All the required instructions are provided in the instruction manual. After wiring, make sure to check for loose ends. Your fan is successfully installed now. In case, if your fan doesn’t work, take professional help. The kit also comes with a harbor breeze ceiling fan remote, which can be used to automatically operate the light. Read our Harbor Breeze FAQ if you have more questions!