Benefits And Types Of Commercial Ceiling Fans

If you are looking for fans that are reliable and allow for greater airflow for your industrial establishment, the commercial ceiling fans are your answer. Given the unique design of the blades, most of these ceiling fans are energy efficient, very effective in delivering better air circulation and generally aesthetically appealing. With these fans, there will be no need for an air conditioner in your industrial setting, which translates to saving more on power bills.

Benefits of Commercial Ceiling Fans

You may be wondering what makes the commercial grade ceiling fans the best choice for your setting. Wonder no more. Here are some benefits of these fans that make them best suited for most cooling purposes in your commercial establishment.

large commercial ceiling fans

  • Very convenient for large industrial facilities. With summer getting hotter and poor air circulation in buildings, air conditioners may not work as optimally as the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans. These fans work to supply fresh cool air into the warehouse or stockroom, thus keeping your employees safe from heat stroke and headaches.
  • Availability in different size. Industrial facilities differ in sizes and size is one of the factors that you should consider before buying the fans. If you have a bigger industrial space, the large commercial ceiling fans are the most appropriate. Large fans cover more square meters; thus, it is more economical than many small ceiling fans.
  • Safety features. Fans are generally rated safe as far as the safety and the health concerns of the employees go. Given the fact that they are installed on the ceiling, the likelihood of them causing mishaps around the building is minimal.
  • Little maintenance requirements. Ceiling fans, unlike air conditioners, have a simple process of installation and operation. Once they are up on the ceiling, you can operate them manually or via a remote control. Similarly, when a problem arises in the course of operation, it is easier to fix them. For the air conditioners, professional assistance may be needed.
  • Quick installation and operation. Installation of the ceiling fans is easy and straightforward. You can even do it on your own. They are very convenient.

Types of Commercial Ceiling Fans

cost effective commercial outdoor ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are categorized according to their make, model as well as their area of operation. Popular makes of these ceiling fans include the velocity fans, the studio ceiling fans and the Manhattan ceiling fans.

  • The velocity fans are superiorly excellent given that their blades are designed in such a way to have retro looks. They have speed control that’s mounted on the wall too.
  • The studio and Manhattan ceiling fans are made by the same company and are simply among the best. They use the latest technology, are energy-efficient and thus very functional. They even have reverse rotation capabilities.

Finally, there are the indoor and commercial outdoor ceiling fans. Outdoor fans are designed to withstand the elements and still remain very functional. So, whether you need a fan for your industrial facility or your home, the commercial ceiling fans may be the best option for you.