Types of Mounts for Ceiling Fans

If you are looking for a stylish satisfactory solution that would offer you with the same benefits but without blocking your view in your home, you should look for ceiling fans. The major reason why ceiling fans are highly gaining popularity among homeowners is their ability to offer natural breeze unlike the unnatural chill from air conditioners. They are also energy efficient, as they require less power to operate unlike other cooling mechanisms. The technology and designs have also changed, in addition to the various types of mounts for ceiling fans available in the market, some ceiling fans are designed to replace your home central light.

types of mounts for ceiling fans

The modern ceiling fans come with in-built lighting or optional ceiling fan lighting kit. Some ceiling fans are also designed with other functional fan accessories such as a dimmer switch, remote control or automatic controls for easy operation. Buying ceiling fans is complicated because it is not about the color but the efficiency and effectiveness of the ceiling fan. Manufacturers of ceiling fans understand the variations on internal home designs such as high ceilings and low ceilings. To address the variations, manufacturers design various types of mounts for ceiling fans to match the market variations.

Types of mounts for ceiling fans

Standard ceiling fan mount

These mounts are convenient for rooms with standard ceiling heights and hence very common. The metal rod is the down rod and extends down from bracket of ceiling to the top of the fan. The measurement of standard mount down rod is usually between 3 and 5 inches. These mounts are mounted on ceilings that are about 7 feet above the floor and at least 18 inches from the room walls.

Extended Mounts

These mounts are suitable for ceilings that are approximately 8 to 9 feet from the floor. They are designed to offer optimal airflow by allowing the ceiling fan to hang at the correct height. The down rods are different from the ceiling metal rod and can be as long as 120 inches or as short as 6 inches.

harbor breeze ceiling fan with remote

Sloped mounts

These ceiling mounts are suitable for angled or vaulted ceilings. They are designed to keep the ceiling fan blades at acceptable levels to ensure efficient airflow in your room. These mounts can also be used together with extended down rods to offer the best height for the ceiling.

Flush Type

These mounts are used to hold the ceiling fan directly against the room ceiling. They are suitable for rooms with low ceiling heights. Their purpose is to prevent the ceiling fan blades from hitting pedestrians as they walk past the fan. The distance required between the ceiling and fan blades is at least 12 inches but spaces of about 18 inches offer the optimal air circulation.

With the guidelines mentioned here, finding the right types of mounts for ceiling fans for your home or business needs will be easier. Assess your home needs and plan on what part of the house you would want to place the ceiling fans to be placed.