Why Should You Buy a Ceiling Fan and Not an Air Conditioner?

Many homeowners are joining in on the latest environmental craze involving going green. It is now possible to cut back on your energy use in a variety of ways. However, no method offers more potential savings than trading in your air conditioner for ceiling fans. Ceiling fans have the ability to effectively cool your home and allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature, even when the summer heat gets out of control. Ceiling fans offer a variety of benefits over air conditioners and should be the primary cooling method. The next time you think about adjusting the temperature on your air conditioner, you can instead reach for your ceiling fan remote and experience cool temperatures that help you save energy and money.

Below are just a few of the most meaningful benefits that ceiling fans offer when compared to air conditioners:

Use Less Electricity and Save

This might seem pretty straightforward, but it is the main reason that you should use a ceiling fan instead of an air conditioner. Simply put, ceiling fans require much less electricity to run than typical conditioning systems. In fact, an energy efficient ceiling fan uses the same amount of electricity as a 100 watt bulb. This is so much less than the amount of energy an air conditioner requires to run. Using a ceiling fan instead of an air conditioner has the ability to help you reduce your electricity costs by nearly 40%. This is a substantial amount of savings that makes your ceiling fan worth it. The best part is that you still get access to cool and comfortable temperatures. By just opening your windows and turning on your ceiling fans, you can reduce the temperature in your home by almost 10 degrees. Keeping your home cooler in a budget and environmentally conscious way is so much better than using an air conditioner to cool your home.

They Work in a Unique Way

The reason that ceiling fans can more efficiently cool your home and make you feel comfortable, is in their unique design. Ceiling fans work by moving air over your body, which allows you to feel so much cooler. This means that you feel cooler when your ceiling fan is on. Air conditioners work differently by actually having to cool down the air in the room to change the temperature. Air conditioners take time to make your feel cooler, but ceiling fans start working right away. The moment that you turn a ceiling fan on, you will experience a feeling of relief. However, air conditioners take much more time to cool you down.

Easy To Use

Unlike some air conditioners, ceiling fans are very easy to use and the instructions are straightforward. Most air conditioners have a variety of different settings and can be difficult to turn on. In contrast, ceiling fans can be turned on with ease using a pull chain, knob or even a remote. Operating an air conditioner can be much more complicated, which gives ceiling fans an advantage when it comes to ease of use.

Turn it Off and On With a Remote

Another benefit to using ceiling fans as a way to cool your home involves convenience. Many ceiling fans come equipped with remotes that can be used to not only turn the power on and off, but also to adjust the speed of the fan. This makes using ceiling fans so much more convenient and allows you to stay in your seat and still turn your ceiling fan on and off. Many air conditioners do not offer this level of convenience.

Much More Cost Effective

Not only are ceiling fans so much cheaper to operate, but they also are so much less expensive initially. If you have to replace your air conditioner it can be very costly, but ceiling fans are so affordable. If your ceiling fan happens to need to be repaired or replaced, chances are you will be able to easily afford this expense. The same is not true for your air conditioner. The overall maintenance that is required for your ceiling fan is also so much less than a typical air conditioner. You don’t have to worry about changing air filters, which is a constant concern with air conditioners.

Winter Use

Not only can your ceiling fan be used to cool your home during the hottest months, but it can also be used to help warm your home when the temperatures drop. All you have to do is reverse the direction of your fan blades to help heat your home more efficiently by moving the warm air down to levels where you can feel it. Air conditioners can only be used to cool your home, but ceiling fans can be used year round.