Natural Climate With a Ceiling Fan

Your home is a place where you should be comfortable no matter what the outdoor elements are. When the temperatures rise or fall, it is possible to use ceiling fans within your home to offer a more natural climate. The fact is that ceiling fans can be used year-round for both cooling and heating purposes, which offers homeowners climate control. The best part about using ceiling fans instead of air conditioners (HVAC), is that they are an energy efficient way to keep your home at a comfortable and natural temperature. Sometimes the elements outside can get out of hand, but your home can always be comfortable and cozy with the help of a ceiling fan.

Use a Ceiling Fan to Help Heat and Cool Your Home

The natural climate that you can achieve by using a ceiling fan allows you to both heat and cool your home. This is due to the unique design of a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans function much differently than you might imagine. This might be a surprise to you, but ceiling fans don’t necessarily circulate cool air through your home. The reason that ceiling fans have the ability to offer both cooling and heating benefits is in the unique way that they work. Ceiling fans don’t really cool a room, but they cool down the people that are in the room. This means that you will feel a difference immediately when turning on a ceiling fan, which is different than how an air conditioner functions. Air conditioners are designed to lower the temperature in the room. However, ceiling fans move the air around your body, which allows you to feel much cooler.

The same unique method for giving you a more natural climate can be used to heat your home. All you have to do is reverse the rotation of the fan blades, which allows for the air to be moved in a different direction and keeps the heated air near your body when your heat is on. For this reason, ceiling fans can be used to offer both heating and cooling benefits. It is also recommended that you turn your ceiling fan of when you leave a room for the most energy efficient cooling and heating. Ceiling fans simply allow you to feel comfortable in your home without changing the temperature. They work to cool or heat your body with the help of the air that is circulated.

Energy Saving Benefits

Not only do ceiling fans allow you to have a more natural climate in your home that is comfortable, but they also help you to reduce energy costs. Since they work so differently from air conditioners and effect the climate in a totally unique way, ceiling fans also help you save money. This is due to the fact that they use so much less electricity. Did you know that a ceiling fan uses about the same amount of electricity as a 100 watt light bulb? This is considerably less than an air conditioner and also helps to give you access to a more natural climate within your home.

In addition to a natural climate and energy savings, a ceiling fan can offer even more benefits:

Convenient and Stylish Accessories

Ceiling fans are available in a wide variety of brands and models. This allows you to choose a ceiling fan based on your personal preferences. You can choose a ceiling fan in a design option that you find appealing or the size that fits best with your room. The best part is that you can buy a variety of accessories for your ceiling fan that make it so much more visually appealing and functional. The types of accessories that you can add to your ceiling fan include light kits, pull chains and even remotes. Adding a light fixture allows you ceiling fan to instantly look more stylish and can become the focal point of any room. A remote for your ceiling fan is also a really great accessory that enable you to have more convenience. You can now turn your ceiling fan off from anywhere in your room and do not have to do it manually. You can also use the remote to control the speed setting of your fan and to turn the light fixture on or off. Using a ceiling fan to offer a natural climate in your home can now be made easier than ever with the help of ceiling fan accessories.

Is a Ceiling Fan Right For You?

Even if you already have an air conditioning system installed in your home, you can still benefit from having a ceiling fan installed. Not only do ceiling fans look stylish, but they also help to cool and heat your home with passive cooling and in an energy efficient manner that helps you save money.