Energy Efficient Fans

It seems that many homeowners are looking for new ways to go green. Not only are they converting to energy efficient windows and appliances, but many are installing energy efficient ceiling fans. Not only will an energy efficient Harbor Breeze ceiling fan offer environmental benefits, but it also helps you reduce your energy bills. Ceiling fans are available in all different shapes, sizes and styles. However, they also come in a variety of different levels of energy efficiency. If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck and make the wisest investment in your home, you need a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan that is specifically designed to offer the highest levels of energy efficiency around. Not all ceiling fans are created equally and not all will offer the same amount of energy savings. This means that energy efficiency needs to be one of your primary concerns when you are making a ceiling fan purchase for your home.

How Do Ceiling Fans Work?

In order to accurately determine how efficient you ceiling fan is at cooling your home, it is important to understand how ceiling fans work. This might be a surprise to you, but ceiling fans don’t necessarily circulate cool air through your home. The reason that ceiling fans have the ability to offer both cooling and heating benefits is in the unique way that they work. Ceiling fans don’t really cool a room, but they cool down the people that are in the room.

They move the air around your body, which allows you to feel much cooler. However, if you reverse the rotation of the fan blades, this allows for the air to be moved in a different direction and keeps the heated air near your body when your heat is on. For this reason, ceiling fans can be used to offer both heating and cooling benefits. It is also recommended that you turn your ceiling fan of when you leave a room for the most energy efficient cooling.

Substantial Energy Savings from Harbor Breeze Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans

When you are looking for the right ceiling fan for your home, it is important that you consider the amount of energy efficiency that you want access to. Not all models of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans offer the same amount of efficiency. Since they come available in a broad range of style and pricing options, they also vary in the amount of energy efficiency that they provide. No matter what model you choose, you will be getting some type of energy savings and a more efficient cooling alternative to air conditioning. However, some Harbor Breeze ceiling fans can help you reduce your energy costs more than others. If you are searching for substantial energy savings and a cooler home from a ceiling fan, you need one that is specifically designed to be most energy efficient. This means that the motor and everything about the overall design of the ceiling fan allows for the highest energy savings.

What Benefits Can Harbor Breeze Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans Offer?

If you enjoy entertaining during the hot summer months and are looking for an energy efficient way to cool your living space, energy efficient Harbor Breeze ceiling fans can provide many wide ranging benefits. Not only will your home feel cooler, but your energy bills can also be reduced substantially. Harbor Breeze ceiling fans that are designed to be most energy efficient only use about the same amount of energy as a 100 watt light bulb. This means that in addition to energy savings during the summer months of up to 40%, you can also save about 10% on your heating costs during the winter. All you have to do is revers the rotation of the blades and allow the warm air to be circulated back down. These type of high energy savings are only possible if you install an energy efficient Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. Simply turning off your air conditioner and opening the windows throughout your home, while turning on your ceiling fan has the ability to make your house feel about 8 degrees cooler. The best part is that you will still be saving nearly 40% on energy costs. If you want your energy efficient Harbor Breeze ceiling fan to work more efficiently, you need to have the ceiling fan blades placed about 10 inches from the ceiling and about 9 feet from the floor. Another great benefit that a ceiling fan can provide is the ability to keep insects at bay. Most ceiling fans offer an air flow that deters flying insects and keeps them out of your home.

Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan

Once you understand the importance of purchasing an energy efficient Harbor Breeze ceiling fan only, you can begin choosing the model that is best for you. Even energy efficient options come in a wide variety of size and style options.