Harbor Breeze 52-in Classic Style Matte Black Ceiling Fan

You’re not the only person in the market for a ceiling fan. Lots of people are. And, why not get one?

Ceiling fans are great alternatives for room cooling options. They have great benefits since they are cost effective and they don’t drain energy costs like an air conditioner or central air system would. In fact, they’re so energy and cost effective that you could keep one on all the time and not have to spend a lot to keep it that way.

So, that’s probably a good reason why many people have been adding ceiling fans to their homes. Ceiling fans are great additions for homes, apartments and any place that may need aeration or, in other words, better cooling.

Today’s ceiling fans are pretty inexpensive. They’re also easier for people to install and, not to mention, easier to find online. Perhaps that’s why it’s easy to find the sleek and modern looking Harbor Breeze 52″ Classic Style Matte Black Ceiling Fan in stores and online.

Why not buy such a good looking ceiling fan? In this review, let’s take a look at some good reasons why you should consider just that.

Harbor Breeze 52-in Classic Style Matte Black Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze 52-in Classic Style Matte Black Ceiling Fan

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Fast Facts ~ Harbor Breeze 52″ Classic Style Matte Black Ceiling Fan, Reversible Blades Black (Energy Star)

→ Classic ‘modern-style’ indoor fan with a matte black finish

→ Measures 52 inches in blade span

→ 5 reversible blades with a black-auburn finish

→ Dual mounting styles, downrod or flush mount

→ Fan has 3 speed reversible AC motors, controlled through pull chain


Imagine. Imagine finding a good-looking ceiling fan that measures well over 40 inches wide at under $50 at any store. Impossible, right? Not for this Harbor Breeze ceiling fan.

This fan is pretty incredible for the price. It’s got a sleek, modern look and it won’t be too distracting when set up in any room. Not to mention, the construction is pretty marvel—it’s built in a way that makes it very energy efficient.

When we mean that this Classic Style Harbor Breeze fan is inexpensive, we weren’t kidding. Most retailers, both online and offline, stock this fan at prices between $100 to $150. You’ll see how much of a deal that is when we get to the customer impressions, too.

Being a whopping 52 inches in blade span, it’s most suitable for rooms measuring well over 400 square feet. In other words, it’s big enough to circulate a lot of air in a room that big. If 52-inches blade span is too big, check out the 44-inches Mayfield ceiling fan.

Of course, it might not immediately provide lighting. This fan doesn’t include a light kit, but it’s light kit adaptable, so you can install one later if you want.

The 3-speed reversible motor, as with other Harbor Breeze ceiling fans at this price point, lets users set how they want their fan to control its air flow. This one, in particular, lets users set their fan to billow air with an upward flow or downward flow.

We can’t forget about the reversible blades, either. This fan comes with beautiful black and auburn double-sided blades that can be switched at will. The sleek matte black finish, too, just adds on to this fan’s good looks.

The Energy Star rating for this fan just adds on to its benefits. Lots of people are looking for ways to save on energy, and knowing that their ceiling fan won’t cost too much to run just makes it better.

Customer Impressions

You can’t buy anything without reading reviews, and it’s pretty much the same for this Harbor Breeze 52″ Classic Style Matte Black Ceiling Fan. So, let’s see what other people think of this ceiling fan.

What They Liked

Customers liked:

That the ceiling fan is excellent quality for the price. Many customers adore this ceiling fan—for its quality at its price point.

That the ceiling fan has great aeration and runs quietly. This fan, at any of its speeds, runs exceptionally quiet. Not only that, it moves a lot of air in any room where it may reside.

That the ceiling fan is energy efficient and installs well. Many customers had no issues installing this ceiling fan. They also like the fact that it’s Energy Star rated.

What They Didn’t Like

Customers didn’t like:

That the ceiling fan doesn’t include lighting. This ceiling fan doesn’t include a light kit. However, a Harbor Breeze light kit can be purchased to add on to this fan.

That the ceiling fan may have ‘cheaply made’ blades. Some customers might not like that the blades aren’t ‘made from a stronger material.’ However, it wasn’t a concern of many other customers.

That the look is too modern. Well, that’s of course personal opinion but if that’s the case, you might want to look to the Beladora ceiling fan.

Verdict ~ Should You Buy?

Customers agree: the Harbor Breeze 52″ Classic Style Matte Black Ceiling Fan, Reversible Blades Black (Energy Star) is an excellent ceiling fan at its price point. In fact, it might be too good—many customers have given this ceiling fan nothing but glowing reviews. If you ever face a problem, make sure you read our faq – common problems.

So, if you’re looking for a ceiling fan for your home, office or other important building, you can’t go wrong with the price or quality of the Harbor Breeze 52″ Classic Style Matte Black Ceiling Fan.